Landmarks in Rhodopes

The favorable climate and the beauty of the mountain in all seasons, rich cultural and folk traditions have made Rhodopes attractive place for recreation and tourism. With the mountain is connected ancient legend of the mythical musician Orpheus.

Thanks to its numerous tracks and facilities Pamporovo is one of the most attractive mountain resorts. A number of natural conditions makes the resort an ideal place for summer and winter recreation.

National Astronomical Observatory is the fourth power in Europe, the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula. There are four towers, of which the highest is 38 meters. The telescope is designed for images, rather than observations, the diameter of the lens is 2 meters.

World famous are the performances of musicians and singers from the region. Proof of this is folk singer Valya Balkanska, whose recording of "Izlel is Delio rebel '" travels in the space station "Voyager". The Planetarium is one of the most popular places in the city for tourists. In his "star hall" You will feel part of the universe and will get a chance to "step" on the Moon.

The Rhodope Mountains are the oldest mountains folded in the Balkans. The presence of extensive karst areas has favored the formation of numerous caves. The majority of the caves are a real challenge for lovers of different experiences. Access to them is only a guide-cavers and cave and mountain clubs in the area provide the necessary special equipment and equipment.

Wonderful Bridges is a natural phenomenon in the Rhodope Mountain rock formations resembling bridges. Narechen a large spa complex, situated 620 meters above sea level. It is characterized by mild mountain climate, which in combination with mineral water and stunning scenery is the reason many people prefer it for their vacation.

If you want to experience the magic of the Rhodopes, to experience something unique that long to remember must visit some of the sights of the mountain. At its heart are the Smolyan Lakes. From time twenty pearly - emerald Rhodope eyes are now left only seven. Time is overlay alluvial soils and rocks, and this has caused backfill some of them. The lakes are surrounded by spruce forests that give them impressive and dark green color.