Tavern - Restaurant "MONI" SMOLIAN

Cross the threshold of the Rhodope tavern-restaurant to enjoy some legendary Rhodope hospitality. Sink your eyes in sharilkata of goat's hair and fleecy rugs, protection and Mendel, slippers and embroidered aglotsi. Do you smell of pine wood and warmth of the fireplace. To take a breath of the famous Rhodope and unrivaled local dishes. Does not exalted soul and with bagpipes, sing "from one throat - two votes" - earthly and heavenly!

Offer its guests furnished tavern bit, and during the summer days you can enjoy the beautiful Rhodope landscapes garden.

The tavern offers you can enjoy delicious dishes and specialties, taste the healing power of the Balkan honey and sweet fragrant strawberries and blueberries, as well as traditional sheep's milk.

The restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere in a wide variety of delicious dishes from the national and the local cuisine. Excellent cuisine can satisfy the most discerning tastes. The tavern is suitable for family celebrations, and offers a quiet and cozy place for relaxation and enjoyment of good food or a place for great parties.

Here you can feel the true Rhodope hospitality!