Smolyan - the pearl of the Rhodope Mountains

Smolyan is a municipal and regional, administrative, cultural and educational center of the region of the Rhodope Mountains. The city occupies most of the basin of the Black River. On both banks of the river in the west-east are the three large districts - "Smolyan", "Raikovo" and "Ustovo." The mountain town combines modern construction and traditional Rhodope architecture.

Smolyan Lakes - seven in number, are located in the town of Mount Pass and landslides in origin. They are one of the most famous landmarks in the area and its diverse plant and animal world attract many tourists and fishermen. The highest lake is situated below the peak Sechimeka. It is the most deep (4.5 m) and has a length of 150 meters.

Middle Rhodopes offer excellent conditions for tourism. Diverse terrain - high peaks, surrounded by beautiful meadows and conifer and deciduous forests, long ridges cut by trails, rivers and rapids with crystal clear and cold water, sky blue lakes, majestic rock formations and slopes are everywhere in this corner of Bulgaria. Tourists visiting for the first time Rhodopes remain fascinated by lush meadows dotted with colorful flowers, majestic forests of spruce and fir, interspersed with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.