Tourist Routes in the Rhodopes

The tourist package "2000 years in one day" allows for one-day tour to the interesting "Eagle Rocks", located south of Smolyan, at the foot of Mount Kainadina. From the panoramic site of its top is a spectacular view of the three centers of the city, moving from antiquity to the present day. Gaze reaches huddled Smolyan waterfall situated above the rock necklace formed by rocks Bride Tiklarnika, Red Rocks and Hen stone.

Participants in the tour are fortunate to visit and see the old Roman bridge, sculptural compositions "Orpheus and Eurydice" and "Orpheus and Rhodope" age-old plane, Smolyan Lakes and the monument of Colonel Serafimov - still emblematic of the city sites.A lecture "Two thousand years Smolyan" in the area Mound reveals interesting and unexpected facts about the city's development and continuity of faith. In the "mound" in archaeological excavations discovered early Christian basilica, which is now preserved and waiting time here will create an archaeological museum "Medieval Smolyan."

"At the foot of peak Ardin" is another value proposition, collected many interesting sites to visit, concentrated in a relatively small area. In the three days of his trip tourists have the opportunity to experience the cave Uhlovitsa - emblematic representative of the underground wealth of the Rhodopes.

Addicted to the adrenaline you can embark on a more interesting adventure - penetration undeveloped water cave Golubovitsa. Passing through an underground lake and river with boats and equipment waterproof overalls is an experience you remember for a lifetime.

In the transition is on a visit and the spring of the Arda River - a century-old beech, which gushes from beneath the icy water of the biggest Rhodopes river. The climb to the peak Ardin, examining Agushevi Konak Mogilitsa and exposure lima community center in the village will consolidate your ideas for welcoming tourist location Smilian - Mogilitsa - Arda.

Package 'At the foot of Orpheus rocks " enables chose it within three days to visit some of the most iconic objects of Smolyan - trail "Canyon Falls" Reserve "Soskovcheto" Orpheus rocks, rock phenomenon bride and recently restored fortress Smolyan and placements in close monastery "St. Panteleimon".

“Каньонът на водопадите” е истинска феерия от цветове, звуци, скални форми и красиви гледки. Екопътеката преминава покрай 46 водопада с различна височина и форма, създаващи особено чувство на възхищение пред могъществото на природата. Панорамните площадки и местата за почивка по маршрута са гаранция за добро и запомнящо се прекарване сред прохладата на боровите гори край малката река Герзовска.

"At the highest was in the Rhodopes"It is the best way to combine nature and culture, climbing Rhodope princes Perelik Shirokolushki glacier and considering huddled Rhodope village of Gela, Stikal, salts and wide bow. Wide bow is considered the cradle of the Rhodope folklore. There you can visit the National School of Folk Arts and museum in Zgurovski Konak and narrow cobbled streets and unique architecture will keep you in memory of your experiences in the Rhodope Mountains long time.

Tourist region "Rhodope Mountains" and Smolyan Municipality have for you and other interesting proposals related to tourism festival. Every year in spring Wide bow is held traditional festival of mummers and masquerade games "Pesponedelnik" in Smilyan autumn can take part in the "Feast of lima". Both package 'Mummers in Shiroka of Pesponedelnik "and" Try the most delicious beans in the world "with an emphasis on cultural events, but also enable touch to the atmosphere of the Rhodope Mountains outside the traditional summer tourist season - namely late autumn and winter.